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The Alpine Inn & Suites is Dog-Friendly, So Don’t Leave Home Without Fido!

We love dogs – the Alpine Inn & Suites is proudly dog-friendly and is as excited to welcome your fur-baby as we are you!


We understand that our dogs are every bit (if not more!) a part of the family as their human counterparts. They are, after all, our best friends. But, when planning a vacation, despite their standing in our families, it’s often hard to bring them on holiday with us.


Not so in Nelson, British Columbia! As you make your plans to visit our fair, historic city, make sure you plan to bring your fur-baby with you. We, at the Alpine Inn & Suites, as well as much of the city, are very proud to welcome your four-legged loved ones.


In fact, just about everywhere you go in and around Nelson, you’ll find it’s pretty hospitable to furry friends. There’s a ton to see and do for you and your dog, including plenty of outdoors as well as a patio or two where he can soak up the warm sun as you enjoy a cuppa Joe.


We know you’ll love Nelson, and so will your pooch. Between one of the most scenic and beautiful waterfront dog parks you’ve ever experienced and the many businesses that provide water bowls and even a treat for your pup, Nelson is sure to be one of your favourite destinations that include the whole family.

Walking, hiking, and biking with your dog around Nelson


There are a variety of options when it comes to getting outdoors and exploring with your dog. 


Enjoy a choice of hikes or let Fido run free at one of the dog parks on the lake. Take advantage of off-leash trails and two designated doggie swimming beaches where you can both cool off in spectacular Kootenay Lake within only 15 minutes of the The Inn.


If you’re looking to get outdoors with your dog in and around Nelson, here are a few ideas:


Nelson Dog Walk: A leisurely stroll, complete with marshes and dog beach, perfect for fetching sticks, you’ll both have a great time, whether he’s chasing sticks or meeting the other furry friends along the trail.


Pulpit Rock: Only a few kilometres, this short, steep trek is a fave with locals. A great workout, and a fast way to get up high and enjoy one of the best Nelson viewpoints –exceptional valley views – with your best friend.


Sproule Creek Trail: A great trail for hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, and even horseback riding, this is sure to be an all-season favourite for you and your dog. It’s a beautiful trail in the woods, where you’ll experience a burbling creek and nine bridge crossings! 


Kokanee Creek Provincial Park: A lush, green, and gorgeous walk you can take Fido for quite the walk through towering West Kootenay cedars. Bonus: there’s a dog beach beside the boat launch at the north-east end of the park.


Walk or Bike the Rail Trail: If you’ve brought your bike, this is a great outing for you and your canine friend. The Rail to Trail path begins at mountain station and leads you through our local forest – lush, green, and outstandingly beautiful.


Buchanan Lookout Trail, Kaslo: A bit further afield, north of Nelson, up Kootenay Lake, this trail offers beautiful views and incredible flowers, when in season. An old fire tower, the lookout is now a recreation site with picnic tables and a 2km trail around the top that offers access to viewpoints on the rock bluffs. Note that the trailhead is up a 12km access road – not for the feint of heart or low-clearance vehicles!


Kaslo River Trail: A favourite hiking trail for residents and visitors, alike, you and your dog will enjoy a well-maintained trail system that includes two covered pedestrian bridges offering breathtaking views over the Kaslo river.


An historic walk, the trail follows a wood stave pipeline from the old dam site that once provided the power for Kaslo from 1897-1960. Interpretive maps and signs along the way offer informative tidbits to go along with the incredible views.


Paws For A Cause Dog Walk: An annual event, this is a terrific cause to plan your travels around. A yearly dog walk, Paws for a Cause is a walk organized to help end animal cruelty. Extending from Lakeside Park – one of the only times dogs are allowed! – along the lakeshore, it typically takes place in early September.


If you’re traveling with your dog, but have plans that don’t involve Fido, you should know about Nelson’s dog day care & walking service: All Play Pet Care & Adventures. the provide friendly and professional pet care services designed to meet your needs as well as those of your precious dog.


Instagram-worthy: If you’re documenting your travels with your dog, there are a number of outstanding  backdrops to enjoy with your pup! The journey is half the fun – make it a scavenger hunt to find and explore each picturesque location.


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dog-friendly activities in and around Nelson. Our friendly staff is happy to provide you with more details to help plan your trip.

If you’d like more information or to plan your dog-friendly stay at the Alpine Inn & Suites in Nelson, we’d love to help – CONTACT US!