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1120 Hall Mines Road
Nelson, BC - V1L 1G6

1 min from downtown Nelson, BC

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Go for a swim in crystal clear water at one of Nelson’s pristine sandy beaches.

Located just under Nelson’s famous Big Orange Bridge, Rotary Lakeside Park is a great location to relax, play in the sand, take in the mountain views or go for a swim in pristine glacier fed water.

Taghum beach is located about 8 km out of Nelson.  Offering a large beach area, with opportunities for fishing, boating and picknicking, it has become a popular spot with locals.

Gyro Park is located in the heart of downtown Nelson.  The park is surrounded in large trees and landscaped gardens, and includes a playground, swimming pool and gazebo overlooking the pool.

Nelson’s aquatic center also offers indoor swimming, whirlpool and sauna facilities.